Thursday, May 30, 2013

Annual Camp 2013 Patrol Allocations and Main Camp Committee

Hi Guides,
Below is the Annual Camp patrol list.

District 1:
Sec 3s: Marina, Tiffany(QM), Almas
Sec 2s: Dara [2A, Oriole], Zhi Yuan [2H, FP], Bei Li [2Z, Orchid], Chi Shan [2M, Ixora]
Sec 1s: Zi Yu [1P, Dove]

District 2:
Sec 3s: Elizabeth, Pearlyn(QM), Nayli
Sec 2s: Angeline [2P, KF], Sruti [2C, FP], Jacqueline [2A, SF], Valerie [2I, Orchid]
Sec 1s: Wei Tong [1O, Sparrow]

District 3:
Sec 3s: Chrishma, Rachel Quek(FA), Rabia
Sec 2s: Fang Qing [2I, FP], Nicolette [2A, Jasmine], Kai Li [2N, Oriole]
Sec 1s: Jia Lin [1M, Sparrow] Eunice [1I, MG]

District 4:
Sec 3s: Esther, Abirami(QM), Jane
Sec 2s: Yi Zhen [2C, Sparrow], Sharmayne [2Z, Dove], Wan Ting [2P, MG]
Sec 1s: Alicia [1P, Oriole] , Yu Ting [1M, Jasmine]

District 5:
Sec 3s: Charmaine, Jaime(QM), Jia Xuan
Sec 2s: Fadhilah [2A, MG], Bhuva [2I, SF], Kai Ling [2I, KF]
Sec 1s: Yan Lin [1P, Ixora], Chia Wei [1I, Orchid]

District 6:
Sec 3s: Jacqueline, Kai Li(CC) , Rahnema
Sec 2s: Victoria [2H, Dove], Wint Wint [2C, Orchid], Jaya [2I, Jasmine]
Sec 1s: Juan Lan [1M, KF]

District 7:
Sec 3s: Jing Wen, Xiang Lin(Kit Dept), Laura
Sec 2s: Joanne [2I, Sparrow], Dewi [2H, Jasmine], Yi En [2A, KF]
Sec 1s: Lynette [1O, Ixora]

District 8:
Sec 3s: Megan, Rachel Qiu(ACC), Ting Ting
Sec 2s: Swedha [2H, SF], Shae-Yenne [2M, MG], Amilda [2A, Dove]
Sec 1s: Varshana [1C, Orchid]

District 9:
Sec 3s: Chithra, Wei Ching(FA), Mithra(Kit Dept)
Sec 2s: Yasmin [2C, Oriole], Jesslyn [2P, Sparrow]
Sec 1s: Clarice [1H, MG], Christabelle [1O, Jasmine]

Note: Those in bold are the respective PLs of the various patrols.

Patrols are also to put up a performance (at least 3 minutes, preferably a dance, song, cheer or skit that represents your patrol) during Campfire on the 2nd night.

Main Camp Committee 2013:
Camp Commandant: Soh Kai Li
Assistant Camp Commandant: Qui Ke Xin
Quartermistresses: Pearlyn Low, Abirami, Jaime Tan, Tiffany How
First Aiders: Rachel Quek, Ong Wei Ching

Sec 3s

Updated as of 3 June 2013

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